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Lawn Care Katy TX | Lawn Service Katy TX | Katy Lawn Service

Lawn Care Katy TX

Don’t rely on a lawn care Katy TX company that skimps on fertilizer, leaving you with a lawn that is wilted, discolored and riddled with weeds. Green Bee guarantees only the best for our customers! With our fertilizer, you will get a lawn that is vibrant in color, resilient against insect infestations and disease and naturally “weeds out” cumbersome plants such as crabgrass and poa annua.

Lawn Service Katy TX

Nutsedge is one of the biggest complaints of our customers, which is why we have incorporated it into our lawn service. Katy TX homeowners who go with Green Bee are afforded the luxury of FREE nutsedge treatments as needed to keep our promise of delivering a flawless lawn season after season.

Katy Lawn Service

Premium Katy lawn service means Green Bee. Only Green Bee proactively treats chinch bugs to keep your lawn protected from these disastrous pests. We also offer fire ant control with our lawn care program because we want our clients to be protected from these stinging insects that can cause serious problems for children and pets.

Katy Lawn Care

Chinch bugs are a serious threat to Houston lawns, especially during hot, dry weather. These pests dry out the lawn by sucking the sap out of the grass. If that isn’t bad enough, they also inject a poison, killing the grass completely. Once the grass becomes weakened, it is more susceptible to fungus and weed problems. As the best in Katy lawn care, Green Bee has the products and the expertise to save your lawn from these destructive lawn killers!

Lawn Care Katy Texas

Insects can be a destructive force to your trees and shrubs. They live within them, depleting them of nutrients and causing damage to your trees and their foliage. For superior tree service you can rely on, call Green Bee to handle all your insect control problems. We will keep your ornamentals protected and full of life! For premium tree and lawn care Katy Texas, call Green Bee today!

Lawn Service Katy Texas

In nature, trees and shrubs are able to flourish with the continuous decomposition of material surrounding the plant. In your yard, that same tree or shrub does not have access to these kinds of naturally occurring nutrients. Our unparalleled fertilization program will offer your ornamentals the nutrients they need to look their best. For optimal tree and lawn service Katy Texas, call Green Bee!
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